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Welcome to the Glorious Health Coaching  

I truly believe each person can find a way to be more fully alive if they adopt guidance that recognizes their essential nature. This is the heart-felt approach. Glorious Coaching helps to support you while you learn how to make your best choices.

 When you are at your best, you become a…

  • Better listener.
  • Better friend.
  • Better thinker.
  • Better problem solver.
  • You Can Feel Better and Be Healthier.

    So, let’s start with a new commitment to moving forward.

    Early on, beginnings can be very exciting. But let’s be honest, when there is a bump in the road, we typically look for a smoother road, another diet, a bit of research that proves something else, a new excuse, or a resigned perspective that our lagging energy is the sign of age “so why fight it?”

    Let's unpack that thought right now...

    Healthier at Any Age
    There is no such thing

    You know in your heart, one size does not fit all. There is no one diet, no one exercise paradigm, no single therapy that will work across the board. We need to personalize and your input is vital.

    Getting better Gets easier

    As you make improvements in health many aspects of life are enhanced – becoming better in one area
    will smooth the way for more improvements.

    I've been there

    Everything covered in Glorious Health Program results from my personal work or that with clients. That means I’ve tested these suggestions and I’m familiar with many of the arguments people have. You are not alone. 

    Bite Sizes to Begin

    If you have doubts about making a lot of changes, let me assure you that no one can tackle everything in one swoop. And even if you tried, it wouldn’t leave much time for anything else! So, choose a bite sized challenge, just one aspect so you can devote energy and focus toward it.

    Boost your commitment to Health, Metabolism, & Resilience:

    What's more important than the number on the scales? 

    Your enthusiasm - Your passion - Your creative approach can be more important than a number on the scale.

    Take the first step with this guide.

    Good health is built.

    You become stronger as the threads of nutrition and fitness

    intertwine to reinforce health.

    Consider yourself an up and coming Star. Every day and each moment hold opportunities to glow-grow-shine. All the material you need to flourish is packed into each of your tiny cells.

    I'd like to see you become glorious. Allow me to nudge you along. My irrepressible optimism allows me to believe the Glorious Coaching message will resonate with you right now.

    Creating your true dream may may be something you've never done before.

    2 Ways to Connect with Glorious Coaching

    If you want to take your journey deeper, I offer remote coaching sessions. This is an excellent way to work through the bumps and dips that show up. These are not necessarily blocks and we can work together to materialize new opportunities. Currently I offer the initial coaching session without charge. Let's get to know each other and decide how to proceed. You may schedule that call now.  I'm looking forward to meeting you.

    My postings are short micro-lessons about significant details as they become known through experience and honest research. This is a way I can share musings and highlight resources, links, and controversies. These are published as I weigh and research my thoughts. Please sign up to be on my mailing list.

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    The following is adapted from my forthcoming book
    Start Here: the Way Forward for Great Health Using Food - Fitness - and Fermentation

    In the 2-Hour Workshop called Glorious Health for Humans I ask participants to define, in a very basic way, what their health needs are. From there, working in small groups, they build a health plan for one particular goal so they don't have to wonder what to do next.  

    This DIY adaptation follows that formula. It can give you a healthy foundation so you can choose the most important steps as you build your vitality. I hope you gain some insight into your WHY's and be able to work them into your plan.

    Glorious Framework for Health - DYI version

    What I personally love about having this framework (below) in the background, is how it begins to free up creative thinking since it releases you from unnecessary focus on small things. Momentary indecisions and slippery cheats (like "Should I have another cookie?") can be easier to deal with when your aim is aligned with your nature.

    People begin a diet and/or exercise routine because they hate something about themselves. But you have to move out of that stage quickly or you fall off the program. You reach for the default “feel good” food or activity (or inactivity) because you can’t keep hating yourself. It’s just the way it is. So, you realistically should begin, or at least quickly, move into self-love.

    Sal DiStefano, fitness coach

    and co-founder of MindPump

    In a nutshell, we begin with listing all your resources - or your "HOWs" - with options for help. 

    Then record everything you are unsatisfied with - I call these your "WHATs" because this is a catalogue of what is bothering you.

    Next is the step of asking yourself - WHY? - for each of the most important WHATs. 

    Read through the process and try it out. I encourage you to move quickly with this formula - the first time. Uh oh, did I just say that? Are you supposed to do this more than once, you ask?

    Actually, I recommend you do it often. This process takes you deeper each time, bringing clarity and ensuring you heal the strain between body and mind. As you develop your vitality chops, it gets easier to add even more helpful habits. By walking through these steps in your own journey, you will be able clarify WHAT you want, the reasons WHY they are important to you, and the methods of HOW you choose to improve.

    When you can connect your self-care with your inner WHY you will find healthful practices can take on new meaning.

    We humans have the ability to absorb a lot of distraction, but it helps to have a framework. 

    Here's how to proceed with the Glorious Health for Humans formula.


    Step #1: Ask HOW?

    I suggest getting the HOW out of the way before you have investigated your WHAT and WHY. This may seem wacky, but it is very useful to begin with a list of your resources that could help you accomplish your goals. This is the time to be inclusive.

    Here's where you list everything you can think of and add to the list as your thinking expands. Some of your references may not pan out and others will drift to the top of the list.

    Your reference list can include:


    On-line videos



    Spiritual Counselors

    Psychology Counselors




    Physical fitness coaches

    Teachers of any subject could       help fill out your repertoire.

    Once you have a robust listing of resources, you can move on to WHAT?

    Step #2: Ask "WHAT?"

    Pull out a large stack of small post-it notes (my favorite), a piece of paper, or open a note app and begin to list everything you can think of to improve your health. Just start writing and don’t edit your list. The list may be very long but try to be as specific as you can. I've written some questions to help get you started:

    Do you want to see a different number on the bathroom scale?

    Do you want to build defined muscles in your legs?

    Do you require better lab results?

    Do you want to wake up in the morning without pain?

    Make your list here as complete as possible (one item on a post-it note) and allow it to quickly come out in a stream of consciousness. Flesh it out but don’t belabor it. Here’s where you record both the obvious and the personal. Write it all down and don’t be cryptic.

    This is your “what” list. These are specifics that need to change. If possible, also take a photo of yourself and include it with your list. By taking a selfie at this beginning point you will be able to compare it with your future self.

    Keep the notes or list you’ve made. You can add to this group as new problems come to mind.

    Once you've exhausted this list, you may rearrange the items into categories. This is why post-it notes are so handy. For today's exercise, you will be working with only one category. Don't worry, you will return and add other categories as you gain experience.

    Step #4: Now ask WHY?

    Using your problem category from the WHAT list, ask WHY. it is important for you.

    Jot this answer down, look at it, and then ask yourself, “Why is this important to me?”

    Repeat the question "Why? Write your answer down, and again, ask why this new answer is important to me. Repeat this line of questioning asking why the last answer is important, drilling down until you feel you have uncovered the true and deeply personal reason you listed the WHAT.

    This is the answer you record in your journal. (If you are not keeping a journal, this is a good time to start one.)

    “Why” includes the problems to avoid and the improvements that will result when this is resolved. Here's an example: Waking up without pain would be a physical relief, but the best thing will be freeing up my mind for an important task (be specific).

    Write out your plan.

    Make a plan using the resources you previously identified. This plan is your guidance each day and whenever you need to be reminded of your actions toward your goal. No one else will have the same program as you have here. This is your fulfillment program. Change began as soon as you started listing your What-s, so keep the momentum going. 

    Now is a good time to set a date for evaluation. At some point in the near future, you will need to evaluate the plan and check to see if your process is working for you. Are you satisfied your What's, Why’s, and How's? Repeat or revise your plan. This opportunity to "get it right" is like the experiences in the movie "Ground Hog Day" where the guy wakes up each day to repeat the same experience until he gets it right.

    Do you realize what you have just done?

    If you have focused on developing this process, it should give you inspiration each day. No one else will have the same program as you have here. This is your fulfillment program. Change began as soon as you started listing your what’s.

    You have made your plan. You know what you want to accomplish that recognizes your deep desires. You identified your actions to reach your goal. You have a bunch of resources to call on. You have set a date for evaluation and revision. Wow. 

    You are on your way. 

    Do You Regret Failures?

    Please don’t. Missteps are not failures. They are teaching you and you will discover adjustments and refinements that will lead to success. There are no failures, just opportunities to learn more!

    Need more?

    I help people develop and activate their plan for healthy improvement because we all get stuck sometimes. Just let me know.

    Although I’m calling this an exercise, it is really a big step. It may be the first time you have examined your deep needs in a way that leads to healing and strength. This is an exercise of focusing on all the aspects of one health goal in a clear sequential manner.

    It is important to set a realistic date to evaluate progress. If you have eaten a midnight snack for 15 years and you want to stop that habit, you will have to allow time for your metabolism to adjust. It may take a few days or weeks (or more) before it becomes an accepted part of your body’s habit, but change can happen.  Success with changing the snacking routine could be as simple as eating more high quality protein in your evening meal to keep you from being hungry at midnight. Or it could be an issue of increasing your saturated fats or making a change in your schedule. Don't try to force yourself. This is not about will-power. It is about self discovery and healing power.

    At your chosen date of evaluation, I hope it has gone well, but if not, revisit your What – Why – How and adjust your plan if necessary. 

    Do you regret failures? 

    Please don’t. They are teaching you and you will discover adjustments and refinements that will lead to success. There are no failures, just opportunities to learn more!

    About Me.

    My question: What can we do to heal the fractured connections between our mental messages and the physical body's signals? We need them both.

    My journey to personal health was long and painful. I assumed that there was nothing wrong with me (that's what the doctor said) and felt I could be strong enough to carry on. Eventually I found the enormous relief when I changed my diet and addressed other difficulties of the accepted "modern" lifestyle.

    I have seen how minor adjustments can make miraculous differences in people's lives. Perhaps I can help you tease out your best health as I share and teach through my mentoring and coaching.

    I am a retired nurse, practicing acupuncturist and health coach. How may I help you?

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