The path and experiences that led me here. 

When in my 20's, I had been traveling in the topics of South America and I was happy when I came home to Texas. But once I returned, I didn’t feel well. I developed severe abdominal pain. After medical testing, I was told firmly and with complete confidence by a physician that there was nothing wrong with me.

I took the phrase “nothing wrong” to mean “nothing to complain about” so I soldiered on and went about my life, becoming a nurse and an acupuncturist.
Years passed.
Then my husband developed high blood pressure. My education in acupuncture and Eastern medicine, taught me that the likely cause for his hypertension was internal inflammation.

I’m embarrassed to say this, but at the time I didn’t really know how extensive and damaging internal inflammation can be. I began to research it. I talked with trusted teachers and heard a lot of buzz about the Paleo diet. This approach required eliminating grains from the diet which seemed a bit extreme, especially since I baked bread regularly and enjoyed these baked goods.

But I was willing to try it. And the results were amazing.

Yes, his blood pressure responded but, also, I found relief for my intestinal issues and migraines for the first time in my life. It was a happy surprise, even if it was years late!

Another surprise, I realized that the best food choices are the most satisfying. “Win/Win”. This set me on a path of appreciation for correct food choices.

Biologically Informed or Philosophically Driven?

Unfortunately, it has become acceptable to claim a new diet has the support of research even when that “research” is missing or flawed. 
There are many reasons research may be skewed:
  • Self-interest of the funding organization.
  • Agendas that are politically driven (go figure).
  • Interpretations based on social myths.

We live in a difficult time.

We don't have to be told we live in a difficult time. That is obvious. We need to use judgment, trust reliable authorities, and proceed with attention to our own body's needs and responses. Following the crowd can lead down a dangerous path.

Our poor health is a series of struggles and attempts at self control. We need to forge new understandings and believe our bodies when they complain.

Why should you trust me?

Why trust me? That is a very good question. I answer with this: My coaching provides guidance and step-by-step instruction, but at every turn I am teaching my clients to listen to their bodies and respond appropriately. My driving focus: Good guidance must offer proven strategies while accommodating individual needs and situations.

Although I have actively taught my clients for years, my formal coaching education began with the Primal Health Coach program. After completion, I continued to study and deepened my education and understanding as research continues to evolve.
Now, I combine this with my years of professional experience as a nurse, acupuncturist, and homeopath to:
  • draw upon current research from trusted authorities, and share these openly.
  • help interpret some of the vague or ambiguous messages from the body.
  • teach and clarify simple ways to restore natural good health.
Effective guidance will help us develop and trust our native wisdom. That is why I work as a coach. I use my perspectives and experiences to help folks chart a path that leads to feeling better and having more energy.
I appreciate feedback and questions so don’t hesitate to speak up in the "message" form below. Thank you for your interest.