Glad to meet you.

Thank you for looking around my site. I started this project so I could share the tools that created an amazing transformation for me and many others.

Prevention is the best tactic. So, I’m motivated by an ambition to help people avoid the avoidable

But human nature is what it is. We are not interested or motivated until something flairs up. So, when health problems have already developed, I offer the Glorious Health Project’s teaching and coaching.

My path and experiences are shared by many.  When I was in my early 20’s, I had severe intestinal pain and thought I had parasites because I had been living in the tropics of South America for a while. After testing, I was told firmly and with complete confidence by the doctor that there was nothing wrong with me.

So, I took the phrase “nothing wrong” to mean “nothing to complain about” and I soldiered on.

When my husband developed high blood pressure, I experimented with a gluten-free diet to alleviate the likely cause – internal inflammation. Whoa! Yes, his blood pressure responded but I found relief for my intestinal issues and migraines for the first time in my life. That was such a surprise.

And another surprise – I realize that the best food is the most satisfying. Win/Win/Win.

We all need guidance to develop and trust our wisdom.

My 40+ years in health care have been valuable but working with food choices has been the magic key. Our bodies have miraculous healing abilities when we give them the good support that comes from the food our genes expect.

Missteps happen when we follow flawed conventions (like the food pyramid that emphases grains) or advice carved from a narrative that does not fit biological truth (like vegetables provide all the protein you need).  As they say, everybody has an opinion. Some opinions are faddish, some are even politically driven (go figure), and some are just bad advice.

Good advice offers hope and proven strategies, not philosophical notions that create dangerous conditions. 

Psst: if someone is offering health advice driven

by judgement and criticism, walk away.

We all have our varying geographic, social, and ethnic identities, but we are very much alike in so many ways.

I draw upon current research and studies and years as a nurse in special units, acupuncture, homeopathy, and food coaching. I try to find simple paths to teach folks so they can safely restore the natural good health they were promised at birth. 

Help me help you. I’ll send you my posts and any information that can help you trust your self-care. Give me 

On these pages, I will sometimes mention experiences from my own journey. And since I live on the beautiful coast of Maine in the U.S. Northeast, I will throw in occasional photos and bits about that. I hope you don’t mind. (Did you know that the first place the sun rises each day in the United States is the coast of Maine?)

Thank you for joining me on this journey to take back our health. I truly appreciate your feedback, your questions, and your expertise, so don’t hesitate to speak up.


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