Have You Been Wondering?

Have you Noticed Old Aches in New places?

Are You Thinking Enough Is Enough Because You Don't Want To Gain Any More Weight?

Maybe You don't want to slide Into An Unhealthy  Situation?

Tired Of Being Tired?

Want more focus?

It's Time For A Health Make-Over.

You may be thinking you are not sure if you are ready for a make-over.  That sounds like huge chunks of time and effort. Who can honestly take that much time out of their busy day?

I get it. Totally. But think of this as making adjustments, because it only takes a very few adjustments to fashion a health make-over. Glorious Health Coaching (GHC) makes it do-able by presenting small adjustments that make noticeable improvements right away... in the most energy efficient way.

You read that correctly

Coaching is Energy Efficiency. You get guidance that is personal to your needs AND you get to ask questions AND you don't have to figure it all out yourself! It's beautiful and supportive. You get to spend your efforts in the most efficient way to build your energy (see how I did that?)

And there you have it. Adjustments in small packets, individually appropriate, guided with coaching, metered out carefully so you can adapt. That is how you happily get healthier without drama.

Once you become familiar with features of diet and movement that move the needle, you can feel confident and impowered. 

What makes Glorious Health Coaching the better way? 

If you could advance your health and live a life of love and energy by reading a book or sitting through lectures, you probably would (and you may have already tried it). Most authors and presenters offer promises (if they didn't, they wouldn't sell many books or fill the room.) But by necessity, the promises they make are based on the needs and results for an individual who is both typical and who is strongly self-motivated. (Congratulations if you are that person!)

And it is true, we can all learn things with the information offered in public formats, but what are the results? 
The essence of coaching is teaching the skills to solve problems, but in my experience, each step must be applicable to each individual.

Personal Health Coaching Covers The Bases And Fills In The Gaps.

The Glorious Coaching Program begins with what you already know and what may be working for you. With the coach, you will explore and push the edges of your information to improve metabolism, aging, weight, energy, inflammation,... and the list goes on. The goal is to find your sweet spot and go deep. 

This Is a Food Centered Program  

with Movement and Attitude Refinement.


Movement means using muscles and bones to enhance your new nutrition - while the nutrition enhances your muscles and bones. Surprisingly, this is not about burning calories. We are talking about ways to build the mitochondria and help improve metabolism. Stressing muscles and alternating with recovery doesn't have to be stressful. With Glorious Health Coaching guiding your progress, you can see meaningful changes. 


If you find the idea of attitude attunement in a food centered program a bit weird, let me explain. As in every new program, fresh information should be met with reflection and followed by action. It is important to drop the old ideas that are not working and retune the mindset.  It works by taking one step at a time and the results can be deep and beautiful.

Get a Coach

At every step of the way I encourage your reflections and suggestions. You can become your own expert when you experience improvement. After all, you are the one ultimately in the drivers seat!

I hope you will consider the importance of discovering how to be the best you can be.

The Glorious Health Coaching (GHC) is personal coaching by phone or Zoom.

Is this for Me? 

It is too simplistic to think that any health rule will apply to all ages or social conditions. That is why Jolinda designed this flexible program so she could keep it personal. The structure of the program offers guidelines, important information, and activities as we measure result. 

The timing of each session allows you to experiment with nuances and apply new activities that make a difference. The emphasis is on improving as we move through life's stages.

What is the goal?

The Level 1 Program is divided into 6 sessions. Building upon what you know, each session teaches practices to get results.

Level 2 introduces concepts in greater depth in 6 additional sessions.

Jolinda introduces you to the concepts and latest research and how that applies to each lesson. Then together you work out a plan according to your preference and learning style.

You chose: Zoom connection OR Phone.

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What is Included?

You will receive a workbook to track assignments and record your progress. This workbook is an important opportunity to record your challenges, practices, successes, and personal responses. When you are finished with the Level 1 coaching course, you will have a beautiful book of your own signature strategy. 

PDF's, references, and charts that will help you are supplied.

Jolinda is available by Email and phone message for assistance between sessions.

How will I know?

The Glorious Health Program focuses on building your strength and resilience while you meet your goals.

You may want to lose weight, reduce medications, feel more vibrant or just move freely.

We track these and any new advancements or unexpected snags.

After introductions, we dive in and begin to work on what you want to accomplish, even if it is only in vague terms initially. Of course, Jolinda will follow the numbers and track your progress!

Learn more in your first and complimentary session.

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These ways of eating contain healthy and supportive guidelines for transformation. Many people have successfully adopted one of these modalities, but most settle into a hybrid eating routine that suits their preferences, biology, and lifestyle.

A Very Brief Explanation Of Each...

  • Paleo seeks to eliminate primary causes of inflammation in the body by eliminating grains and legumes. Many people find they also need to remove dairy or other common foods to attain healthy and supportive nourishment.
  • Keto manages the blood sugar and insulin responses by teaching the body's metabolism to rely on fats more than carbohydrates. You can see that this transformation has taken place when hunger is reduced and energy becomes abundant and sustained.
  • Carnivore is a very satisfying diet for many people and is the simplest diet to follow. By relying on animal meats and fats as the primary source of nutrition, it eliminates any food that cause negative reactions.   
  • Short Term Fasting can be used to reset and rebuild. It is an opportunity for the digestive system to rest and recover from dietary, chemical, or traumatic harm. (see this post)
Glorious Coaching Also Covers 
  • Timing Of Meals
  • Restoration Of Minerals
  • Care And Feeding Of Gut Microbiome
  • Fermented Foods
  • Attention To Skin Health
  • Areas Of Specific Interest To You.

Initial and Complimentary 


  • One coaching session to get things started.
  • One Follow-up email.
  • Preparation and guidance for following sessions.
Level 1

Personal Coaching to identify needs and 

implement a strong strategy.



  • 6 Sessions that introduce concepts that affect your health, including activities and assignments.
  • Workbook provided to follow along and record your progress.
  • PDF's, references, recommended videos, podcasts, and charts.
  • Each session is tailored to take your understanding to the next phase.
  • Evaluations with each session. 
  • Invitation to teach an element of the course for future participants.
Level 1 + 2

Take a deep dive - understand and apply concepts to improve your metabolism.



  • Includes everything from Level 1 plus an additional 6 sessions (12 sessions total).
  • Level 2 delves deeper into the concepts presented in Level 1.
  • Learn to follow blood sugar and ketones. (This will require a simple monitor device.)
  • Seasonal adjustments for diets may be covered.
  • Unlimited email and messaging during the first 12 weeks.
  • Invitation to assist or teach future participants.
A year with the Coach

Receive coaching and updates as your life evolves over the year.



  • Suggested for coaching following Level 1 and Level 2 Programs.
  • Schedule Zoom or phone conversation with the coach on your schedule.
  • Receive a coupon to share for a friend or a loved one - worth $100 off one of Jolinda's programs.
  • Unlimited emails/messages with the coach.
  • Automatic updates sent to your email address.

Frequently asked questions:

How much does this coaching program cost?

The total cost of Level 1 Program is $370, includes an optional bonus session. The first session is complimentary and if you decide after this session, you do not want to continue, that's OK. I understand. But if you decide to continue and participate, the $370 is due before the following session.

Level 2 Program is available for graduates of Level 1. The cost for both courses is $570 when purchased together. If you decide to continue with Level 2 at a later date, the fee is $275 (all materials included). Please see pricing table for details.

What if I don't want to lose weight?

Excess weight is not the only sign of struggling health. There are many very serious conditions that need attention even when excess weight is not obvious. Some people have poor metabolism that leads to a build up of tissue around the liver, kidneys, or heart (or all of these). These folks often don't have any outward signs of excess weight. Some evidence of poor metabolism may include stiffness or swelling of joints, frequent colds and infections, allergies, migraine headaches, etc. If you have these symptoms, correcting the basic metabolism will be important.

However, extra weight has more of an impact as we age, so it is important to get this under control as soon as possible. The Glorious Coaching zeros in on metabolism so it is perfect for those who want to lose weight or for anyone who wants to feel better and have more energy.

Is there a refund if I decide I don't want to continue?

Once you have decided to take steps toward good health and better energy, it is important to keep the commitment to yourself. There is not refund, but the first session is complimentary. So, if you are curious, I invite you to set up a first session and we can talk about your needs. 

What does the coaching course cover?

The structure of the course begins with small but important changes that you can start right way as you begin to expand your knowledge base. This is followed by how to recognize hazards and warning signs and what they may tell you. Next are "Action Add-ins", "Dialing It in", "Bringing in the Goods", and finally "Teach and Receive."  

This is the basic structure but the details are driven by your needs, preferences, and curiosity.

Why do they call you the Opinionated Old Lady?

I'm not a retro-grouch, but I have always been a bit skeptical of new ideas that do not have sound history behind them.  Theories that are divorced from rational practice are just theories. So you will see my advice uses recommendations from studies and experts that go against the popular grain (pun intended). The guidances you find in my program may not be politically correct but they are sound, based on studies and practices that are free from influence of large industrial complexes. The results are weight normalization, hormone balancing and vibrant energy.

So says an opinionated old lady!

 Still have questions? Ask Jolinda...

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