Can We Still Get Better? 

 August 30, 2021

By  jolinda@healthyoutlook.me

Last Updated: July 10, 2022

Axe for chopping wood
The axe is old but works beautifully.

Holding up an axe, the old farmer announced that throughout many years, it had served him well. He says, “I only had to replace the handle twice and the head three times.”

In my video on improving with fats and oils, I stated that “it’s not too late to improve your health.” It is a bold statement because we know aging means wearing out. Joints need to be replaced, cardiac arteries need be repaired, ocular cataracts are removed requiring new lenses… The list goes on.

There really isn’t anything that can stop that, is there?


Of course, if the very tiny molecular mechanisms within the cells are operating like machine parts, then no, there’s not a whole lot you can do to avoid constant decline. In a mechanical clock, springs are wound and gears snap against each other rotating on pivot points. Eventually, that much contact reduces the crispness of the tiny components and sloppiness is introduced, requiring repair and replacement.

But biology is not machinery. It is providing it’s own “just-in-time” maintenance. You are programed to repair and replace. And that helps to improve our prospects for continuing health. Cool.

We have very few cells in us that were present even a few months ago, like that old axe.

It really isn’t too late to improve our health. We just need to give our mitochondria a boost. They are the pivot points for our vitality. Their numbers and effectiveness change according to the environment we give them. It’s not too late to treat them well and improve their environment. Here are my basic guidelines as a reminder of what you probably know.

  1. Reduce toxic exposure when possible.
  2. Move around a lot.
  3. Feel enthusiastic a lot.
  4. Get adequate sleep, often.
  5. Eat well – ongoing project.
  6. Avoid seed oil PUFA’s (see video), always.
  7. And don’t do stupid things (still working on it).

There you go. Not so hard.

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As a retired nurse, practicing acupuncturist, and a health coach I have focused on better health for over 30 years.

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