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The Glow Method uses a Paleo-Keto -Carnivore Flexibility to Be Your Best.

Please don’t make these errors.

First mistake: I’ll do it later.

Second Mistake: It’s too late.

Waiting until later just brings regret. Wake up your metabolism now.

I want to encourage you to start soon, so I’m offering a fantastic discount for the entire year of 2022 when you schedule your first Glow Session before the deadline (December 29, 2021).

Understand your food choices with the Glow Method and get it right.

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Two ways to glow…

Learn to Be Your Best with Paleo-Keto-Carnivore Flexibility

Choose a plan. Click the blue button to start. This will take you to my calendar and you can schedule your first Glow coaching session. Do it now to lock in this special price for 2022. It only takes a few minutes.

Have you worked with nutrition programs or a diet coach who didn’t seem to respond to you and your situation? You may have felt their program was not getting you where you wanted to go or not effective. Or worse, you may have felt you failed the program.

Are you fearful you aren’t disciplined enough because you have never been able to follow food advice long enough to see a change?

Do you have “diet shame” because everyone around you is telling you what you are doing wrong?

Want confidence and clarity on what you’re doing? Do you want clear step by step instructions about what to eat without getting stuck in analysis paralysis?

Are you afraid you will fail before you even begin?


…Celebrating the moment when you reach your weight goal.

…Wearing a size you never believed you would wear again.

…Enjoying the energy of doing more and having fun.

…Hearing a doctor, like Diane did, say, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it!”

Imagine these feelings, choose your plan, and take the leap. Sign up for the Glorious Health Project where the coach is on your side.


The Glow Method is the ideal system to achieve balanced weight and vitality.

If you have the impression you are stuck with your metabolism, you are not alone. Few people realize that metabolism is adjustable. The Glow Method takes you through a process that can make you feel and look better. [Secret: Metabolism is more important than calories.]

Improve Metabolism

What is metabolism anyway?

Would you be surprised if I told you improving your metabolism improves your ability have stable energy? It also improves immunity, muscle strength, recovery from accidents or surgery, and so much more.

Good metabolism is built, one step at a time. The Glow Method takes you thought these steps. With each lesson you move closer to eating for a balanced metabolism. It is a transformation that most people find satisfying and enjoyable.

In my 40+ years providing health care, I have learned to value nutrition as an important portal to health. I have distilled my education and experience into this project.

My Glorious Health Program will bring it all to you using the Glow Method. You will learn a Paleo-Keto-Carnivore flexible system and experience the improvements in countless ways.

Over the 12 lessons of a Glorious Package, we will cover a 7-Step Plan.

If you need more coaching, no problem. Tutoring and coaching is always available to you.

How Often?

I recommend a weeky session while you are starting because there is a lot of new information. But there is no predetermined time frame because you have your own rhythm. We can be flexible or tightly scheduled.

You will love coaching this way because the Glow Program is essentially private tutoring.

Do you want gentle accountability? I don’t wear a referee’s whistle but I’m pretty good at calling out-of-bounds and personal fouls. Glorious Health is the place for teaching, guiding, and coaching.

Let’s see what we can do together. Click on the option that works for you.

This is eating for Goodness!

Like learning a new dance step…
These discounts on the Glow Program are quite a deal and will save you a lot of money that you can spend on buying new smaller sized clothes.

A one-size-fits-all cannot succeed. Your metabolism requires personal attention.

Glorious Health Project
Were your previous efforts successful? If not, you may need a program designed just for you.
The reason there are so many suggestions (and failures) for the epidemic of poor health is the claim that there is a single cause.

Simple fixes like “calories in / calories out” and medications targeting a single symptom often make conditions worse. At best they simply miss the mark. *

*This statement has not been approved by any pharmaceutical company.

The Glow Method uses these 7-points

This is a special deal.
But just in case you decide you don’t really want to continue after our first meeting, I’ll refund the fee for that one and any other sessions you may have prepaid.
And you can keep your bonus book!

Pay as you go and save $30 on each session in 2022 when you sign up before December 29, 2021. You save $360 over 12 sessions.

Purchase a 12-session package for 2022 before December 29, 2021. Yousave $540 over 12sessions.

During your sessions: Jolinda will review and evaluate your progress, your problems, your successes and your questions. Then together you will refine your plan.

Are you dealing with difficult conditions? Concerns such as SIBO, edema, hypertension, PCOS, frequent infections, and painful digestion can influence your ability to respond to nutrients or lack of nutrients. We will consider all these.

Now is a good time!

Schedule your first Glow Session before December 29 and lock in your best price for 2022.


I have been working with Jolinda and making changes. When I went to see my doctor for my yearly physical, she was surprised at my improvements and said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”

Diane Maxwell

Community Leader

You really can transform because the rules have changed in your favor.

Are you ready to commit to yourself? Are you ready to begin with the first steps to rebuilding your strength? Do you want to develop a new relationship with food?

Have you been counting calories and losing the battle of weight loss?

The Glow Method uses personal tutoring by Zoom. By improving your metabolism using the Paleo-Keto-Carnivore system you will find you have better energy, fewer symptoms, and healthy weight loss. Feel better in 30 days and learn to eat for your health now.

F A Q’s

I don’t like to cook. How can I do this?

I get this one, big time. I didn’t even know how to cook when I started to improve our diet. We chose the restaurant or take-out for each meal based on what we thought we wanted to eat. Sound familiar? The bonuses I provide when you sign up for your first session will help A LOT. There are menu hacks that are organized by ethnic cuisine and spice recipes so you can always have a jar of various flavoring combinations ready to throw into a dish. I’ve added Jen Fisch’s book on simple Keto recipes that take no more than 5 ingredients. All this makes it doable, and you’ll be surprised how comfortable you can be in your kitchen.

I’m overwhelmed already. How much time will this way of eating add to my day?

When your food is not feeding you well, you spend a lot of time thinking about food and searching for ways to satisfy your energy needs with calories that are not satisfying. Soon you find you are hungry again and the hunt starts all over. I’m getting overwhelmed just writing about this. Let me help you. We can make it so much better. Don’t waste time on poor food choices. You are more valuable than that.

What can I expect? Do you promise results?

I hesitate to answer this one because every “body” is different. When we start to make shifts in food, old subliminal messages pop up and a lot of your success will depend on how successful you are at changing those old tapes. But a lot of that will be worked out in our private coaching sessions. I am confident that eating for your essential nature (your genetic needs) will be rewarding and produce good results.

Can my spouse join me?

What a good idea! I love it. Two people supporting each other will make it all easier. I’ll make you an offer: your spouse, partner, sister or brother, son or daughter can join you in the same session and I’ll give that person an extra $10 off the sale price of each session or $120 off the prepaid package price – just be sure to sign up before the deadline.

My health is determined by my genes, right? How can this help?

You don’t hear about it much, but we now know that genes can become modified by the environment, including food. They call it “epigenetics”. This was a surprise to researchers who found epigentics can even affect an offspring. For example, a ketogenic diet was shown to have a positive long-term benefit on the offspring of laboratory animals. So, it seems, genes are not permanently programed. They can be modified and improved with diet.

Can’t I just figure this out on my own?

There are many videos, podcasts, books, blogs, and articles about these diet improvements. You may have noticed they can be confusing and contradictory. Give yourself a chance to actually get the results you want with your own coach-directed personalized program.

Once you transform and find balance, it all becomes so simple!

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