Health Is Hard but Courage is Contagious

Courage is uniting the heart with the mind while putting fear on the sideline... The habit of justification is ferocious.
Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Seeking courage to stand your ground

Heart – Brain – Fearlessness

I know that the perspective of Paleo – Keto – Carnivore does not have the loudest megaphone. And I understand it when I hear my clients explain how they have to defend their new dietary choices.

My advice: Stand up straight and demonstrate courage.

Remember the scarecrow, tin man, and lion of the Wizard of Oz. They were seeking heart, brain, and fearlessness to call on when really needed. These 3 qualities translate into Courage. The word courage begins with cœur, French for heart. And when you examine philosophical writings about courage, you usually find authors describing the necessity to unite the mind with the heart while putting fear on the sideline.

In other words, when heart and mind come together and disregard fear, you have courage.

We all need a little help
Do you need some courage?

Are there opportunities to display courage in everyday life? A better question might be, “Is there any resistance in your everyday life?”

Deciding to overcome resistance is your most momentous choice. Often it’s a choice that involves fear, drama, and courage, and it’s also often one many won’t make unless pushed, because the habit of justification is too ferocious.

The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur by John Jantisch

As they say, courage is contagious. When you display courage, it can have an impact. Words fall away. Action speaks effectively.

Remember the wizard, or any authority figure we elevate to extreme power.

We like to shove an authority figure out in front to make our hard decisions. When we have an assigned spokesman on the podium, we tend to give up our own reasoning power and become mindless. The habit of justification is ferocious. While it may start out as a good idea, it can become a fragile arrangement that soon becomes tippy.

Of course, I like to point out that our health choices are significantly important, and many are entirely up to the informed individual. I like to think the only reason many folks don’t make better choices is the lack of information. That is why I began my blog and videos.

Sadly, though, I suspect the failure to make life affirming decisions is simply a lack of courage.

When it comes to nutrition, the food industry and its collaboration with governing agencies are our wizards, and we use them to justify some pretty sketchy decisions. It is stunning when wizards use studies as proof of something when really there is no corroboration or, the when the data is exposed, the opposite is shown. Still, we are asked to accept oddly twisting logic complete with smoke and mirrors. And if there is a dissonance, we are told we simply don’t understand the facts.

For any food suggestion I make here, a few folks may find it novel, others may find it contentious, but some may find it actually improves their basic health. That would be a good thing.

To keep things honest, current, and expansive, I invite comments.

Be Courageous. Stay Strong.

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