Level 1 Glorious Program with Coaching

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About "Level 1 Glorious Program with Coaching"

This course presents the principles of the Glorious Health Project. It includes personal coaching and personalized content to assist you with your specific needs. 

Level 1 Glorious Program with Coaching

About the Teacher

Jolinda Rockett

I don't have patience for mediocrity when it comes to health. I don't have patience for baseless or exaggerated claims and marketing. I don't have anything polite to say about white coats when they speak gibberish. (Do they still wear white coats?)I want to share the information I've gathered and I want my students to take a responsible attitude toward guarding and improving their health. Information and personal judgment go hand in hand in a well designed health course.There is more about my journey on my website but for now I want to say, wholeheartedly, I'm glad to have you here. -Jolinda

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