Is Coaching for You?

Become Confident – Feel Good – Get More Done!

I Specialize in Food Coaching, Tips, and Secrets to help you WIN YOUR HEALTH GAME.

You know this is true… Health is critical because without health, you lose energy and vigor. 

Should you give up? Well, No! 

Jolinda is a retired nurse, practicing acupuncturist and a health coach. Her program, The Glorious Health Project, uses sound principles of the Paleo – Keto – Carnivore continuum to move you toward health with nutrient dense food choices that satisfy.

You are probably ready to start your well-being and BEING WELL. 

Now is a good time. 

This is not a one-size-fits- all. We will be measuring your progress toward your goals. Some people want to address symptoms like sluggish brain, pain, high blood pressure ore diabetes. Others place more focus on weight, general nutrition or fitting better food into their lifestyle.

What are your goals?

What does feeling better mean to you?

Like a good tailor I strive for a good fit. We will focus on reaching your goal.

Morning Glory

In the Glorious Health Project, we start from where you are – feeling so-so but wanting to feel better. I can help you avoid some common mistakes and prime your body for good changes. Begin your own journey coached by an experienced health care professional.

Become metabolically flexible.

Learn ways to deal with slippery slopes.

Get hints, tips, encouragement, and reflection.

Reach a better level of health and life with improved energy and resilience.

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