Lyme Reboot to Recover

What do you do when you have a disease process that has domineered your ability to reboot and recover? Conditions such as Lyme, streptococcus, Epstein-Barr syndrome (chronic fatigue), or candida/yeast overgrowth are especially feared because they can hang on for years.

The good news is that you have the power within you, but you may need some cellular reeducation.

Homeopathy – An Amazing Discovery for Lyme

For almost 300 years, homeopathy has helped people overcome serious conditions by instructing and “reeducating” delicate immune systems. When effectively utilized, homeopathy gives patients joyful relief without chemical drugs and damaging side-effects.

And homeopathy is also a practice that takes the patient beyond symptom relief. While it coaches the body to restore strength and recovery, it also enhances the immune system to meet future infection with stronger defenses. I think it is the amazing.

Antibiotics target specific microorganisms, but many chronic conditions are caused by viruses which don’t respond to antibiotics. Even bacterial infections can evade antibiotic therapeutics by morphing and changing their vulnerabilities once they are within our bodies. And although not as well recognized, we are also assaulted by parasitic pathogens which set-up long term residency inside us.

New Identification Tool

A recent development for matching the specific homeopathic remedy/s to an illness or chronic condition is the small metering device called the EAV (electrical acupuncture voltameter) developed by a chiropractor and licensed acupuncturist from Maine, Dr. Zev Myerowitz. The importance of this device is hard to overestimate. To understand the value in this device it is helpful to understand that acupuncture uses the body map of the electrical pathways inside each of us. These pathways are called meridians.

By measuring the relative strength and balance of currents in each meridian, we can use this little device to assess each acupuncture meridian. Once this is established, we test our various suspected remedies to find the most effective approach. It is especially useful for cases that do not respond to the usual therapeutics. This testing technique is completely painless and gives immediate results. In the case of a multi-pathogen illness, as in Lyme disease, we are able to determine exactly which remedy will be effective for the type of infection present.

This process is equally effective with children and adults.

In the cases involving chronic, long-term infection, the treatment is a simple kit of numbered vials to be taken over 2 months. Each vial contains a specified strength of the remedy. The patient takes one premeasured vial every 3 days as scheduled. The process uses a homeopathic principle of signaling your innate immune system to target the exact pathogen/s involved. This is the education and empowering aspect of homeopathy.

Over the period of the first month, your body eliminates the Lyme bacteria and parasites. In the second month of treatment the kit takes your body through a gradual reduction (weaning) of the homeopathic remedy to allow your system to stand on its own strength.

Additional Strategies

I use additional preparation/s to prevent or soften the effects of pathogen die-off. These additional precautions and others are frequently needed when a client’s metabolism needs boosting. An individual approach to the Glow Method of food coaching may also be indicated. Typically, this is included in the homeopathic testing and follow-up appointments.

The Simplicity of Measuring Current

This testing method does not require a blood sample because it simply pinpoints the weakness in your immunity specific to a particular pathogen. With Lyme, there are various Lyme “bugs” that either need to be eliminated or addressed. In other chronic diseases testing can identify the problem and appropriate remedies applied.

When a client has been taking supplements and/or herbs for their condition, we can test the efficacy of these.

This testing method may also be used to test food sensitivities, including gluten, dairy, etc.

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