EAA For Lyme Disease

Detect the strength of the immune system and which remedies are effective...

What do you do when you have a disease process that has domineered your ability to recover and reboot? Examples can be chronic Lyme, Epstein Barr Syndrome (chronic fatigue), or candida (yeast) overgrowth.

For cases that do not respond to the usual therapeutics, I offer a testing system that measures the tiny currents flowing in your acupuncture meridians. It is called the Electrical Acupuncture Assessment, or EAA, developed by a friend of mine, a chiropractor and licensed acupuncturist from Maine, Dr. Zev Myerowitz. This testing technique is completely painless and is equally effective with children and adults.

EAA uses a meter that detects the strength of currents running through the 12 acupuncture meridians. Once this base line is measured, I test and pinpoint specific homeopathic combination remedies to determine what will restore your optimum electrical strength.

While this testing method is not a diagnostic for a specific disease, testing these combination homeopathic remedies will show if the individual will respond favorably, unfavorably, or have no response at all. This method of testing the specific homeopathic remedies leads to faster treatment and very effective outcomes.

This testing method may also be used to test food sensitivities, including gluten, dairy, etc.

You will leave with specific recommended remedies and/or supplements you can order. This approach actually teaches your own immune system to step up, repair, and remove pathogens. I may also recommend specific dietary and lifestyle suggestions to help you in your quest to be stronger. Follow-up treatments complete the clinical picture.

EAA can only be done in person, so it is limited to those who are able to come to my clinic or for local home visits. If you are interested in this low cost and simple measurement and consultation option, please click here for an appointment.

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