Feel Good and Get More Done

It is true that without health, you lose energy and vigor. Should you give up? Well, No! Make a promise to yourself that you will start your well-being and being-well now. We will use the model of Paleo – Keto – Carnivore continuum. These are three stations, each containing sound principles that can move you toward health.

Because this is not a one-size-fits-all program, we will be measuring how each of these fits for you. Some people want to address symptoms, others place more focus on weight, general nutrition, fitting food into lifestyle, etc.

These goals are not mutually exclusive! Like a good tailor, we strive for a good fit.

In the Glorious Health Project we start from where you are – feeling so-so but wanting to feel better. After assessment, I can suggest a plan that will help you avoid some common mistakes and prime your body for good changes.

If you have tried any of the popular (and effective) ways of eating like Paleo, Keto, and Carnivore and have not had success, you will want to have guidance to help you with the nuances.

Once you have transformed from your default, you will become flexible and learn how to judge the slippery slopes. Sometimes people find they are not advancing and don’t see how they need to proceed next. Coaching provides a drone’s eye view.

I also help with a lot of hints, tips, encouragement, reflections. If you are interesting in group support, let me know. I think this is the best way to get a full involvement in just the right doses. Groups also provide opportunities for you to share your own wealth of experience. Everyone benefits.

The good news, even after years of damage, a lot of your systems can still improve and return to useful and fulfilling service. The entire program will help you navigate to a better level of health and improved resilience.

I want to encourage you to remain in contact with your medical provider. I am not a doctor. I am an acupuncturist and health coach. I am not qualified to make medication decisions.

Are you interested in…
Weight Loss,
Mental clarity,
less pain,
And better energy?

Glorious Health Project
Paleo / Keto / Carnivore Eating

Neural scientists tell us that our brain plasticity depends on challenges. It’s constantly changing its circuitry. The DNA supplies the basic instruction but the neurons are always seeking challenges between the two extremes of frustrating and easily achievable. Are you interested in finding your challenge?

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