Look Good and Feel Better

at any Age

are you Following the current diet trends?
Maybe you have gone vegetarian (mostly)
or Vegan (as closely as possible), or Mediterranean, or Something else...
and yet you are still gaining weight

That was me, too. I found myself in a gradual but steady weight gain. It was not acceptable. 

That all changed as I began to feed my mitochondria, address insulin sensitivity, replenish 

dwindling minerals, and foster good gut bacteria - without expensive supplements. - JR

You Can Do It Too!

As my client, you will find your own happy diet combination.
in the Glorious Health Program. I invite you to...

Reach your ideal weight, best health, and so much more. 

The Key is to help you uncover and develop your personal 
food identity. Glorious Coaching uses 3 stages of discovery.  

When you work with Jolinda,
You will be guided in 3 areas to 
find stable weight and confidence:

1. Discover Your personal way to optimize fitness and mental strength.
2. discover which Foods are Working Against You.
3. discover strengths and secrets that make you glow.

Feel Better - have more energy - 

reach your goals - Get more Done!

Meet by phone or by zoom.

What is your Dream Goal?

First Consultation is Complimentary

We will meet by remote video - so wear your comfortable clothes.

Start the Progress
You probably want to progress quickly. And you don't want to waste time with mistakes that come with self-experiments.

As your approach is refined and you needs evolve, coaching is there to help you meet each challenge.

You Are Unique
Individual requirements can vary greatly. Frequently we find our basic biology has been altered by medications, poor diet choices, trauma, and emotional stress, to name a few.

Variations in biology need to be honored.

Sure, everybody loves a quick win. But chasing hacks for fast weight loss, forcing will power, or following a complicated schedule to manage food does not establish sound health.

You will find more energy and enjoy a feeling of freedom with less restriction, with nutrition that meets your personal biology, .

Along with Her Education, research, and Years of experience,

Jolinda shares Her enthusiasm for the glory of life.

I was pre-diabetic and a little worried. I wanted to do something, so I've been working with Jolinda and making changes. When I saw my doctor for my annual physical she was surprised. She said, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!"

Diane Maxwell 

Community Leader

Look Good - Feel Better 

and Get More Done

Start Your Program now with a complimentary Coaching Session
We'll talk by phone or zoom.

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