Receiving acupuncture
The sensation is relaxation.

A relaxed feeling

For many people the first acupuncture treatment is a subtle experience that usually results in a relaxed feeling. A typical response is “It may be just in my mind, but I feel calm”.

The licensed acupuncturist takes the client’s information. The symptoms reveal the ways the disordered internal terrain is disrupting their life. Then the practitioner examines the various and almost hidden signals the body is revealing. By the time the needles are inserted, the practitioner has constructed a mental plan – a way to orchestrated the needles, moxa (heat), and other techniques of gentle stimulation, to restore harmony.

When the needles are placed with this delicate touch, the acupuncturist is responding to signals from the surface of the skin. Precise changes can occur as the body is directed to self correct.

What changes are we talking about?

It can be one of many types of corrections in both body and mind. The results may be reduced pain, corrected inflammation, or other desirable improvements.

You may wonder, if the treatment is causing so many changes, why would a client experience relaxation?

I think the relaxed effect is a return to harmony within the structures and hormonal systems. The needles seem to gently direct the energy, or electrical responses, to improve communications among the various components, returning to a whole and unified individual.

The delicate tools