Some clarity is seriously needed 

 September 3, 2023

By  Jolinda Rockett

Last Updated: December 8, 2023

I feel this is a good time to share strategies that we humans have forgotten in the world’s current state of entropy. 

Let me be clear…

I’m NOT calling for a return to living in simple huts or caves, eat berries and bugs, or survive arctic weather shivering in robes made from animal skins. Not at all!

Humans have the creativity and survival drives to be better with each generation.

I’m just pointing out that through the long journey of creating civilization, we have taken a lot of crooked paths – some of them are good, but some of them are destructive. I propose we opt for the good parts and abandon the destructive stuff.

Eating healthfully is important, even foundational, for self-realization, although is difficult for most folks to associate “unhealthful” eating with symptoms. (I’m hoping to help change that with my upcoming guidebook, to be titled Start Here.)

Our notion of healthy food has been corrupted by industries and forces that do not have human good health as a goal. It will take some time and experimenting for us to become reacquainted with our bodies and to recognize good food. But we can do it.

I believe that once we anchor ourselves with strong life-supporting principles, we can become inspired to share goodness even in a bad time, helping bring others a smidgeon of happiness where there is angst and gloom.

It may not be easy to make changes in our personal lifestyle with real food, quiet meditation, and physical activities for fitness and fun, but making these adjustments can result in a positive shift in what we can accomplish.

A place you can begin.

Here’s a simple proposal with a worthwhile goal: experience better and safer nutrition by noticing what we choose for food.

First, realize that processed “faux-foods” are so far removed from natural nourishment that they are not recognizable, except by where they are sold (food stores) and what their labels claim.

If it is a product wrapped with a heat-sealed covering, has a list of ingredients that makes it sound like a chemistry class experiment, or has a consume-by date that extends more than 2 weeks beyond the buy date, leave it on the store shelf (see sidebar).

A product like this has been so altered that your cells won’t be able to use it to efficiently carry out important processes like produce energy, defend our bodies against pathogens, or replace broken parts.

There are exceptions:

Canned, salted, freeze-dried  or other preserved “prepping” foods  meant to help you survive a disaster.

I remember from my childhood, the food canned in Mason jars lined up on shelves in farm storm cellars. It was very reassuring to a kid to see jars of sweet pear preserves meant to feed us if a tornado hit. Very reassuring, indeed.

It is not obvious.

Finding the best for ourselves is not as easy as it should be. It is hard to focus inward when there is so much to distract us globally.

Keeping a focus on the possibility of goodness in the world after seeing the horrible fires in Lahaina, and the horrible behavior of authorities, challenges human understanding. The world has gone too far astray.

Still, zooming in and zooming out, we try to make sense of the incomprehensible.

Forgive me for stating an opinion that may not be generally held, but I believe the causes of world-wide disasters and our collective fears need naming and pushback. This is a time when courage, which I revere, needs to be called up and we need to plant our feet on the solid ground of common sense and personal integrity. It may not make a big difference in this trend of violence against humanity, but keeping a grip on truth is more important now than ever.

I really hope that with mutual support, guidance, and encouragement, we can find a way to draw upon our potential and live more fully. The alternative is being complacently obedient, willing to be led into a narrow existence without any strength to resist manipulation and corruption.

Where or how do we start and begin our self-care, so we can strengthen our personal character and enable ourselves to make important hard choices when necessary?

What do you think? Do you agree with me or disagree? Add your comment at the bottom.

Thank you.

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