Concerned for Your Safety – Part 1

I am asking people who have been trusting the experts to begin to trust their own good sense. I don’t know why it started but it quickly went too far. The amplification of the COVID 19 pandemic by questionable treatments and the assumption that we should accept a totally new, untested “vaccination” that alters our DNA is what I call “too far”. Assurances came with very powerful and orchestrated pressures. It was a concerted effort to make all the recommendations seem obvious. But with a peek behind the curtain, we see something closer to reality. What follows is my “take”.

Health professionals have complied and/or colluded with a global narrative that is not concerned with our safety. In this excellent video of Dr. Sherry Tenpenny interviewed by attorney Reiner Fuellmich we learn her assessment of the pandemic and related injections. It is very enlightening, and I urge you to view it for an overview and to understand that this blog relates to this and other warnings by concerned leaders of health care.

This seems bleak, but there is some reason for hope. In Part 2, I will offer some evidence that the tide is turning and share some ideas for improving immunity protection after injections.

When we were all new to COVID 19 in 2020, I became very alert. Partly because of my interest in keeping my family and myself safe, but also because I am in the business of caring for the health of others.

When the CDC published warnings complete with daily news briefings, they presented this communicable disease as gravely serious. Still, I searched to gather a better understanding, knowing how information for the public can be simplified and sanitized, subject to administrative “confident overreach”, often with a hidden agenda.

Some people may say I am unjustly cynical, but my experience tells me otherwise. I briefly worked in the administrative office of a federal agency in D.C. where elite arrogance is the norm . Once you become familiar with their use of confident overreach, you can begin to easily recognize it.

Overreach with Confidence

With the emergence of COVID 19, the recommendation for routine public masking seemed weird to me. Was it confident overreach? What could a mask do? Normally in highly contagious situations in hospitals, surgical masks such as those being recommended are only a token safety measure taken by the staff. More important are clothing barriers and gloves, room disinfectants, etc.

With each escalation and COVID inspired mandate, I became more concerned. Since working as a nurse in trauma years ago, I know to analyze and question, especially if a policy or directive is pushed with an emotional overtone.

To reiterate, it just seemed weird. To relieve the strain on the health facilities in NYC, the Javits Center was fitted to receive the COVID overflow. The USS Comfort hospital ship was called in to treat non-COVID patients to relieve the COVID crush on the hospital system. Oddly, the overflow didn’t materialize, and these facilities went largely unused.

Of course, in hindsight, we know that the side effects of the drugs and dangerous protocols mandated were the cause of many, if not most, of the symptoms observed. There has been untold harm and mortality.

Injections and Boosters

Jumping to the inoculations: Could anyone have anticipated such serious complications in such numbers from an inoculation? It has caused damage far above and beyond anything acceptable. There cannot be an innocent and benign reason for the massive government and media push for the public to accept these damaging and even lethal measures.

There has been a higher rate of adverse events including death, from a few months of COVID “vaccinations” than from all other vaccinations over the previous 25 years.

Yet, most doctors have gone along with the narrative promoted by the CDC and WHO. There are responsible, independent doctors who gave differing but sound advice and have lost their privileges to practice medicine. It seems any messaging in any form that contradicts the worldwide push to treat COVID 19 as an existential threat, or the COVID inoculation as “safe and effective” has been silenced and punished.

For an excellent overview and perspective from an expert in the immunizations field and past vice-president of Pfizer, see Dr. Michael Yeadon’s explanations in this video.

Information from the Acupuncture Pulse

Most of my clients have received the inoculations. Most of those have shown responses like an alteration of the pulse quality that I’ve never seen before. The client’s pulse, as “read” by an acupuncturist, reveals details about the inner workings of their body. The pulse of the client after inoculation typically feels as if the blood is no longer flowing smoothly. The silky fluidity begins to feel ropy and lumpy. I don’t see this is in 100% of the inoculated patients, but it is happening too frequently.

It is like Russian roulette. Do you want to take the chance?

Please, if you have been inoculated, watch and care for your health in every way you can. In my next post “Concerned for Your Safety – Part 2” I will offer some suggestions from the experts. I entreat you to use all your available methods to support your health to prevent complications. I’ll have some suggestions from the latest information in the next post.

Please leave your thoughts in the discussion box below.

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And here, Dr. Amandha Volmer says it!

I’m looking forward to your comments and discussions. Thank You. Jolinda

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  1. Thank you for speaking out! The survival of humanity is at stake. Self-anointed elites have been working for decades to reduce global population and re-establish feudalism: the so-called New World Order. Resist!

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