What could possibly go wrong? 

 April 5, 2023

By  Jolinda Rockett

Last Updated: December 8, 2023

Intricate and fragile 

Globalism, space invaders, natural food deniers, or any other large-scale disruptors, real or imagined, must be viewed with analytical suspicion. I am not against change. I simply want to avoid a top-down patchwork of control that subverts or denies our natural human flexibility in life and our options to express goodness.

Humans can adapt to a lot but where is the tipping point?

My husband is sitting next to me this morning, showing me a new auto part he is going to be installing in an old car we use. I'm seeing a clean, precision machined stainless steel component containing needle bearings packed with grease, and protected by an assembly of sleeves and gaskets. These individual elements are arranged to perform important roles in a complicated system that will function reliably under extreme conditions for a long time.

An automobile is full of intricacies. It is a carefully designed machine with innovations applied over time. But you should wonder, what could possibly go wrong when inappropriate cost cutting, regulations and ideology replace a proven component by, let's say, a newly conceived material. The car may operate, but what is being traded? Will it work as well as before or as long?

It is a fair analogy, I think, when considering the human condition and making substitutions in fuels (food) which affect our chemistry (pH, etc.), electrical systems (neural and electron transfer in the mitochondria), and more.

Upon scant reflection 

In a machine, some replacement decisions do not produce confidence. Machines are designed according the how the parts work together. Once you make significant alterations from the top down, you have created a new and different machine - a Frankenstein monster of mismatched parts.

Of course, we humans are biological, not strictly mechanical, but we are tightly organized down to the minute structures within the cells layered with electrical and chemical reactions. The difference is that human biology contains redundancies and corrective mechanism to increase survival. It can seem like we are infinitely adaptable. 

The problem is years of adaptation take a toll, often an invisible toll, on our life. As the systems begin to wear, the youthful and robust protections become less effective. Taking in good food in the proper amounts becomes absolutely necessary to repair and restore the services needed to keep us going, active, and engaged.

Foolish or misinformed lifestyle choices always plagued civilized people, but now there are new, and to me, unforeseen difficulties.

Each of us has a choice. We can follow some unknown directive or social pressure that reduces our choices and health, or we can become informed and more aware of choices within our control.

It has become increasingly important for us to seek out safe foods - not just fresh foods and not just avoiding adulterated foods that are artificially enhanced.

Now we have to become concerned and informed about food toxins applied in the growing of vegetables, fruits, and the feed for livestock.

I guess you could say I am for progress but against questionable ambitions. I'm talking about processors that promote food that no longer resembles food (strange concoctions wrapped in colorful plastic with long expiration dates) or agricultural manipulations that try to circumvent nature at every step from seed to plate.

Below is a paper from Dr. Joe Mercola describing a family of chemicals contaminating our food supply. I ask you to become aware enough to make the choices that support life and health. 

A small window into the war on our food.

Food is foundational.

We humans are capable of the most miraculous accomplishments. Our insanely gifted bodies and brains have been evolving gradually over millions of years to reach the state we find ourselves in today. Food can make us or break us.

I ask you to become aware enough to make the choices that support life and health. Whenever possible, buy from a farmer, rancher, farmer's market, butcher, and suppliers you trust. 

Let's make protecting our food sources our sacred duty.

Do you see problems with our food integrity?

Have you had any realizations about current events and the relationships to our health?

I want to know what everyone, including you, are thinking. Please write your comments in the space below.

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