Why We Need to Trust (ourselves) to Learn Paleo-Keto-Carnivore

Here I want to address self-trust, so we can insure a healthy future through useful dialogues.

My mission is to help as many people as possible to trust their natural strengths, be metabolically flexible, and nourish their bodies with appropriate Paleo – Keto – Carnivore ways of eating. Closely tied to it is how we relate to our medical advisors. Open dialogue is optimum. Without it, the medical professional assumes our compliance and proceeds with business as usual.

Here I want to address self-trust, so we can insure a healthy future through useful dialogues with these very important professionals in our lives.

In the spring of 2020, I met a psychiatrist who presented her elbow to me in greeting (more on this at the end). Seeing this renewed a few questions I’ve had. For instance, I have noticed a rather large gap between medical knowledge and useful patient advice. In spite of specialized education and training, I am concerned that doctors ignore sound nutrition (for instance), distort principles of communicable diseases, and dismiss the value of wise teaching and counseling before pulling out a prescription pad.

Not so long ago…

In early American 18th century, we are told, many unsophisticated and trusting settlers and pioneers sought help from fast-talking snake oil doctors. Those fake “doctors” used hit and run tactics of selling potions that ranged from colored water with bitter tastes to poisonous concoctions that induced a euphoric sensation before the death of organs or entire body failure.

But there was a safety net for most people. Although ignorant to dangers they had not anticipated, these people were close to the natural world. This gave them protection of their instincts. They also displayed the uniquely human talent of creating innovative solutions when things went wrong. They understood how nature worked. Life was difficult but they had their families and community close. They were not perfect, but they could reevaluate old assumptions when new reliable information presented itself.

I saw this firsthand in the rural lives of my relatives in Texas. They were strong in beliefs unless something proved strongly otherwise. Conviction and suspicion were always being tested. These undercurrents were necessary for health and fulfillment. And they still are! You can’t know everything, but you can often sense danger.

We all have the ability to be vigilant. Fast forward to where we are today.

History and Physical

Medicine has evolved. We may have access to well-trained doctors and modern facilities, but it has become very hard for us to rely on our own vigilance. Modern medicine has become…

  • Expensive but our life expectancy is actually falling.
  • Elitist and exclusionary, requiring you to abandon safe traditional and effective systems.
  • Guided by academic institutions that accept huge financially support from special interest corporations that tightly control their investments.
  • Complicated with high-tech advancements that identify disease minutia which may lead to interventions that may or may not pose their own health dangers.
  • Frightening because although progressive symptoms lead to painful disabilities and early death, prevention seems to be on the back burner.
  • Propped up, clearly, thanks to the drug industry that routinely comes to the rescue with chemical answers for every new diagnosis. (Funny how the diagnosis and drugs arrive in tandem.)
Now back to the doctor who presented her elbow.

She clearly didn’t want to touch me. If there was a reason for her disrespect, I could respect that. However, I couldn’t help but notice the obvious inconsistencies as she touched and swished her hair, held the doorknob, sat in my chair, and frequented the sketchy Chinese food restaurant downstairs. Huhh? You could say she was trying to protect me, but I don’t really think so. She was spreading her perceived danger all over my office. I wasn’t worried because I have taken precautions. These measures along with knowledge of effective treatments allow me to continue to practice and help others. Why was my outstretched hand so scary-dangerous?

It is true the corona virus can be dangerous to marginally healthy people. And I can appreciate certain cautions, but she was acting as if she didn’t understand basic principles of biology. She was acting like she had accepted a narrative that was hollow. This is a case of adopting a victim status that allows the bully in the room to reign with his personal agenda. It is that old bogus Wizard-of-Oz-façade and many in the world have fallen for it.

The Oz behind the curtain is convincing because his voice booms loudly. But you can’t see him. Have you wondered why he is hidden?

Because if you knew his impotence, you couldn’t be controlled.

PLEASE. Return to your natural and self-protective sanity. If someone has a booming voice and acts as though believing their fanciful narrative makes you a rational person, you might want to go along with it, or not. It’s your choice.

However, if the message instructs you to distrust your lying eyes or obvious suspicions, be very careful. Don’t abandon your natural instinct for survival.

Challenge openly or not, but don’t be an instrument that is being played. Protect your freedom to decide your own destiny.

And for goodness’ sake, use nutrition to be healthier and resilient. Adopt whatever food plan that increases your metabolism and decreases your baseline inflammation. I recommend you find your place among the Paleo, Keto, and Carnivore spectrum. Create a world you can breathe in!

The Glorious Health Project


It was such a Revelation to me that the Very monopolistic medicine that would criminalize people for healing people, and claimed that healing is not possible in defiance against gods ordained provision – – that very hubris that declares that managing and treating disease is the best we can do in order for residual profits to make up the most lucrative industry on the planet, would marginalize and even criminalize people for using the natural grandmother‘s home remedies, and ultimately re-educate people into believing that natural remedies purveyors are snake oil salesman, Using that stigma and that was originally the actual trade of one of the Rockefeller Family members, which formed the Pharmaceutical Business and it’s monopoly, the American medical Association, one of the brothers had the same vainglorious self righteous spirit in selling actual snake oil, as the Rockefeller family later developed in creating the false prestige of infallible universal salvation through drugs and vaccines.

Jonathan Tucker

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