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 February 6, 2024

By  Jolinda Rockett

Last Updated: April 17, 2024

Your future self-health in 3 steps

Get there with a method.

Which would you rather be? The dutiful obedient cog bound with rules – or – the player who uses cog-technology to get to where you want to be?

Working the system

If you want to be a player, I offer the method I explain below to help your successful process toward health. It is a three-step template you can use to initiate, plan, and then evaluate your health options. I think it works great as a method for reaching your best future.

What I personally love about having a structure in the background, like the one I share below, is how it begins to free up creative thinking because it releases me from unnecessary focus on small things. Momentary indecisions and slippery cheats (like should I have another cookie) can be avoided when your goals and systems are in place.

And what about goals? I don’t mean the small goals to aim for. I mean what will be your future self. The idea is to move out of the task-oriented mindset and view everything you are doing from the perspective of your Future Self. This orientation builds confidence because all your talents can work towards that goal. This is powerful.

We know there is not a single source of good advice for guiding your health. The prevailing advice changes by the day it seems, with some advice from old and trusted sources conflicting with the latest breaking news. Do we eat more green and purple things, less starchy or fried, or whirl powders and juice into a smooth drink. Some say we supposed to exercise for an elevated heartbeat, but other experts insist we keep the pulse below a magic number. Energize or mellow out? Eat or fast?

Most of us want to take some responsibility and live in a way that makes us feel strong, be smart, and resolve pain. Most of us want to take a clean break from the dangers of polluting chemicals, meats and vegetables that are altered by chemical engineers, and medical care that leans on pharmaceuticals which we cannot understand.

Conflicting online advice

What are we supposed to do?

Maybe, you think, it is impossible to do it right because there is too much to consider. Let’s look at what makes it so difficult.

First there is pressure to drift into the presumption of two choices, right or left, black or white. But the territory that lies between the extremes is where the action is. The fallacy of black and white choices is defeating, leaving no room to work out a true solution.

Then there is the glitch of false claims. One optional path may mimic another and assume authority that doesn’t exist. It is all very confusing.

Lastly, choice is further complicated when situational chaos obscures the truth. (Please tell me if you think I’m wrong.)

Don’t give up. There is a way.

When biology is oversimplified, we ignore the miracle of the living adaptation of our cells. We must trust the vast influence of our supporting microbiome, the interplay of nutrients and movement with our blood chemistry, mood and other subtle and underappreciated conditions. When we work with their strengths our flexible genetics to coordinate healthy responses and increase our longevity.

There is more options than you have been led to believe. There are many hues and tints (not just gray) between the black and white poles. This post may help you clear the fog and start your own program of health. With a framework that can grow with you.

My Health Picture


You should know that your native health represented by your ancestral DNA, is not a titanium clad blueprint as originally understood. Vitality inherent in your ancestral legacy is accessed when many factors are supported and as explained in the **post here about epigenetics, it can be flexible because our adaptations have many choices. This fact offers hope and hopefully a bit of perspective,

I call this the Start Here Guide and its power comes from removing the distractions that confuse and complicate progress. Not only is this process helpful for better health but it can be used for many different long-term projects. You don’t have to feel lost with your Guide that is tailored to your needs.

Let’s give it a try with an exercise.

Step one - start with “What”

Pull out a piece of paper or open a note app and begin to list everything you can think of to improve your health. Just start writing and don’t edit your list. The list may be very long, but for this exercise you are going to look at these items and choose just one item to examine for this exercise. This is your “what”. It is what needs to change. If possible, take a photo and include it with your note. You can just take a selfie of yourself at this beginning point to compare with your future self.

Keep the list you’ve made. You will be able to add to these as new problems come to mind. It can be your work list that you can develop later.


Step three – moving to “How”

Now you are ready to identify the ways to get there. This is time to research and brainstorm creative approaches to resolve this knotty problem.  Be creative.

It is important to anticipate the ways you will try to avoid changing your behavior (I’m not picking on you. We all do it.)

Your plan may also need to consider the time of day and/or location may be important to consider.

Review activities that have not work in past efforts and those that did work. Develop this section a fully as you can. When necessary, allow a preparation period for gathering materials like equipment and recipes.

Draw inspiration from this.

If you have focused on developing this process, it should give you inspiration each day. No one else will have the same program as you have here. This is your fulfillment program. Change began as soon as you started listing your what’s.

My Journal

For extra credit…

At some point in the future, you want to evaluate the plan and if the how/s are working out. Are you satisfied your why’s? Revisit and adjust your plan.

Although I’m calling this an exercise, it really can be the first of other health projects you undertake. If you notice, this is an exercise of focus by concentrating on all the aspects of one health goal in a clear sequential manner.

It is important to set a realistic date to evaluate progress. If you have eaten a midnight snack for 15 years and you want to stop that habit, you will have to allow your metabolism to adjust, and it can take a few days or weeks before it becomes an accepted part of your body’s habit. At your chosen date of evaluation, I hope it goes well but if not, you should revisit your What – Why – How and adjust your plan. Remember you are preparing your future self. Helping you out of the snacking routine could be as simple as eating more protein in your evening meal to keep you from being hungry at midnight or it could be an issue of increasing your saturated fats.

Do you regret failures? Please don’t. They are teaching you and you will discover adjustments and refinements that will lead to success. There are no failures, just opportunities to learn more!

Accomplish joyful goals.

One must consider that there are some things that can’t be accomplished. I would love to be a good golfer, but starting the sport at age 60 – well, that’s just not going to happen. I’ll be happy, though, with small improvements while I enjoy the outdoor walk and social time. Being happy is good.

Healthy people are happy people.

The Goldie Locks Approach


Animate your new goals with heart and courage. With this new system in place, you won’t have to wonder what to do next because your plan allows you to be focused.

Changes will result in a new you. Your Future Self will not be the same – that’s the whole point. That self will see the world differently. Future Self will have experiences, challenges, and growth that haven’t previously been clearly available. Future Self will have different goals, priorities, and habits. You may find yourself better able to adjust to a morphing future world -- society always changes with some different values, different technologies, and different challenges.

Keep in mind that the choices you have include the tinted areas between black and white. Look for the nuances and appreciate your efforts and any successes, large and small.

You may feel it’s time to get on board and move toward your healthier future. If you want some help as you start thinking along these lines, consider Glorious Health Coaching (no pressure) in person or by remote to help clarify your what-why-how. I’m ready when you are.

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