Time to have a COVID talk… 

 September 16, 2022

By  Jolinda Rockett

The other day, I was shocked to find my post here was deleted by someone who hacked into my site and removed this valuable information. It is not medical advice. It is the information that should be available to anyone as alternative options. 

Please help me and others. If you see this information has been removed, notify me at once. It is important to preserve health choices. I believe you should be informed and that is why I am posting this and other posts.

Listen to my brief audio here.

Four Suggested Protocols beginning here with Nutritional Therapeutics

Suggested Protocols for Prevention

Suggested Protocols for Early Covid

Suggestions for Recovery

Post-Vaccine Treatment

NIH: "COVID UPDATE: What is the Truth"

Here is a thorough account of the sequence of events to our current time. This article from the NIH was recently published in PubMed.

As an acupuncturist, I can say there are other, non-medical treatments that can support your biology and address recovery. Please ask me or your local acupuncturist or homeopath for assistance.

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