Promised good health? 

 May 19, 2023

By  Jolinda Rockett

Last Updated: May 24, 2023

We naturally have questions.

"How did I get this way?" or "What am I doing wrong?" or "What can I add or eliminate to help avoid the horrible illnesses that seem to be everywhere?"

Of course, some folks say good health is settled and that is that. But what is actually happening? We are seeing physical and mental problems escalating beyond previous generations. We all expected to live longer. What happened?

And maybe more importantly, what can we do - now?

To help you move forward, I wrote this 30-page guide to the 4-Zones of Health (with blunders to avoid). Here's your FREE copy...

Most of the clients and health professionals I know are all trying to make sense of how we got here. Now I realize we must re-think previous assumptions and focus on what is true and actionable. 

Adaptable and Pliable to a Point

It is important to note that, although our basic biology is adaptable and pliable, there is a breaking point. 

We don't need to make our unique biology match some gauge of perfection. We just need the working parts within us to be responsive and adapt with a cohesive unity.

For example, to cultivate our internal awareness, we can develop the art of sitting quietly and listening to our subtle signals. Meditation is a skill that brings us closer to these important messages and no smart phone is required. It is one of the 4 Zones of Health in your guide.

Maybe you are ready to put all the pieces together. For more information...

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In the following posts, I will do my best to pass on important information. Are you ready to move on? I'd love it if you could express your thoughts, below. 

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I believe each of us are strongest when we are free to express our heartfelt nature. As a retired nurse and practicing acupuncturist, I have focused on health for over 40 years and I am still inspired by the awesomeness of the human spirit. Join me as we uncover how to be truly glorious.

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