How ya doin? Part 2 

 September 19, 2021

By  Jolinda Rockett

Last Updated: July 6, 2023

Our bodies are absolutely amazing, and recovering health is possible.

You can be better. Your body is trying to serve you but you must give it the right materials, movement, and emotional support. In other words, be kind to yourself.

No one can be 20 years younger, but you have some advantages that will become valuable in any improvement program.

Think of these suggestions as tips for a smoother journey.

And please read to the end. I’ve added a no-cost bonus link to further help you.

Activities to prepare

First Prepare.

The preparation steps are very important. Get some information lined up by reading, researching, and poll your friends. Do you need a blood pressure cuff or a kitchen scale? Do you need a measuring tape? …A friend for support? …An annual doctor’s visit? …A coach? …Join a group? …Picture of yourself to document your starting point?

It is a good idea to brainstorm at this stage because you will want to make your new journey successful? Use everything you can think of.

Optimism Overrated?

It is important to have a realistic expectation. But the good news: it gets so much easier with practice and every milestone is satisfying.

Health takes a marathon mindset. It is not a sprint. Returning to our natural strength and innate biological talent is always a work in progress. It is important to have a realistic expectation.

Each and every person starts from a different point in the healing journey. But wherever you are when you begin, I think you will be pleased as you progress.

And remember, nothing happens until you make the decision to act.

Take the time to appreciate each step along the way. Measure improvement from where you are now, at the beginning. You are looking for progression, not perfection.

Ask anyone (maybe yourself) who has successfully completed an endurance goal. It takes training and focus. Don’t let a distant goal distract you.

making a sculpture

Finish Line?

Actually, just having the idea of a finish line is misleading. This is more like building a perfect statue with one pinch of clay at a time. So you want to avoid adding too much at a time! You are molding and responding as each day moves into the next. Enjoy the journey.

Flexible Plans.

You may need to be flexible. It is not practical to adhere to a strict predetermined template. Body chemistry (and therefore your metabolism) are influenced by many immeasurable things including emotions. But the methods you use for measuring progress should move generally in the right direction. A coach or experienced practitioner could help you determine if you are on tract. As you take new steps to improve, your efforts eventually snowball into accomplishments that are rolling toward your goal/s.


In the Beginning.

Initially you will not have all the information you need to accomplish your health goals. ‘On the job training’ is a good way to think of this project. Each person has his/her own biology and set of circumstances. That is why your unique perceptions are important when recording your progress.

And that is why I invite and welcome comments from everyone reading my blog posts. Our bodies and the means to recover health are always presenting new challenges. We are all students.

Start now to pay attention to your health and personal welfare. You will want to transform your list of complaints into a list of successes. You can, you know!


Check out the “topic” driven social media app called Reddit. It is full of help, inspiration, and support. For the most part the participants are not experts, but they are all trying to help and be encouraging. You will find topics covering every conceivable subject and nuance. Here are some to get you started:

And please use your better judgment and reflect on the help offered here. Most of these health oriented subs are silently monitored by coaches to keep the discussions from getting too far out of line.

I love the sense of humor you frequently find here…

r/meat is a tribute to the third most important word spoken by prehistoric humanoids. The dictionary back then consisted of only a few words that referenced the basics for survival of the species. “Mmmmmm” muttered during procreation, and “Eat”, used to reference the consumption of foraged foods. So naturally, when fire and flesh were discovered, “Mmm” + “Eat” became “Meat”, which literally translated to “orgasm food”. And from there we became humans.
From r/meat subReddit

This will either make you smile 🙂 or become disgusted 🙁 . If you fall into the latter category, you may want to unsubscribe.

BTW my tag on Reddit is Opinionated-Old-Lady. I chime in on occasion.

Are you a Reddit follower? Can you recommend a sub or two?

What are your interests in future posts here? What are your criticisms of this one – I can handle it.

Be Courageous, Stay Strong
Stay Strong

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