How ya doin? Part 1 

 September 13, 2021

By  Jolinda Rockett

Last Updated: July 6, 2023

This is where I’ll suggest some hints to turn this list of “This is not wonderful” into “This is what I’m doing to feel better and get more done!” I’ll also include a Bonus Idea – one I use a lot, myself.

So now, take your inventory…

  1. Estimate all the time you spend recovering from normal activity (also known as resting). Include all the time you spend repeating tasks because you were not able to focus. This is the cost of time to just keep going.

Little Bottle of Pills

2. Take an inventory of medications, both prescription and over the counter.

3. Also throw in there the braces for back, knee, ankle, wrist, elbow. And you might as well add the heating pads, liniments, KT tape, special shoes, multiple pillows, and paddings for the car seat. 

4. Count up the allergy sprays, cough medications, skin ointments. 

Yes, diet helps here.

5. Don’t forget sleeping aids for yourself. Or maybe sleep aids for your partner who has to listen to you snoring. 

6. What about these? Doctor visits, blood tests, EKG’s, sonograms, x-rays, CTscans, etc.

What’s inside?

Take care of those teeth

7. And special toothbrushes and special toothpastes meant to avoid bleeding gums.

8. Do you limit certain activities because of bowel and/or urinary frequency? Add that.


What is happening?

9. Are you buying new clothes because the old ones keep shrinking? 

I hear you.

I probably left out a few of your special needs, but you’re getting the picture.  

Normal, right?

Uh, no. It isn’t! It is a poor way to live, and it could make you poor. Eventually it will result in a decrease in your productive (and earning) time. The resulting loss of self-esteem is impossible to measure.  

These conditions, whether you are 20 years old or 50 – 60 – 70 are signs of your body unraveling. You could do better. Seriously.  

Diet is the most important element impacting all these problems and more. And the Paleo – Keto – Carnivore Continuum approach can correct so much!

Reading medication label


After my own dietary adjustments I experienced recovery from many of these conditions. I wanted to run around town screaming, “Wake up, People! There’s a better way to live!” 

Happy to be well.
Feeling Good!

But I didn’t. I saved it all for you, if you’re interested. Take some time to evaluate your current conditions. Then tell me if you want to keep going in that direction or if you are ready to turn it around.

Because, if you really want to change the direction, you probably can.  

In Part 2 I list some mind changes and activities you can do on your own to get a handle on improving health and increasing vigor. I also include a bonus tip.

I’m sure you can do this!

It will take effort initially, but now I hope you understand there is an alternative. And once your biology and habits make the turn with good food, the rewards are fantastic – at any age. Some people would call that GLORIOUS. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it.) 

Move and Feel alive

Feeling good.

Glorious Health Project
Feel Good and Get More Done

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