You May Not Need Acupuncture 

 August 30, 2021

By  Jolinda Rockett

Last Updated: May 11, 2022

All acupuncturists are asked to perform magic. People want to make a pain disappear. They want normal sensations to return because they have given up hope of a natural remission. They want to avoid uncomfortable emotions. They want ringing in the ears to stop after many years of suffering.

Acupuncture for well-being
Feeling good with acupuncture

Acupuncture is much more than simply inserting a sharp instrument into the body. Many non-acupuncturists try to mimic the acupuncturist’s actions. When they create pain or get poor results, they are arrogant enough to claim acupuncture does not work. They have adopted the obvious theatrics but left out the real instruments of success: individualized interpretation of the client’s need, the intricate coordination of points, the finely tuned needling techniques, and the feedback measurement of incremental improvement that confirms positive movement even before the patient is aware of it.

Acupuncture is awesome and it can seem like magic. But here’s the thing. It can only put your body systems in order. It cannot repair severely broken bodies. It will correct electrical signals, reduce inflammation, and finely tune. It cannot create substance out of nothing. It is not that kind of magic.

The delicate tools

Can substances be created within the human experience?

Yes, it happens all the time.

The instrument of this type of creation is FOOD. Unfortunately, food can also be an instrument of destruction.

Let’s face it —

If sugar causes your circulating blood to become toxic from an imbalance of nutrients, it has become a toxin. Lesson: sugar is toxic.

If you have deprived your mitochondria of nourishing fats, you are destroying natural resilience. Lesson: good fat is good for you.

If you do not supply your body with quality protein, you will become broken in a cascading progression. Complete protein from animals is essential for repair and the regeneration that should occur everyday.

That’s just the way it is. Don’t shoot the piano player.

But as a piano player – uhh, I mean coach – I try to use skills that I have developed in years of practicing acupuncture. These skills can translate into both clinical acupuncture and health coaching. Here’s what I do for you:

  • Establish your need.
  • Use a variety of approaches.
  • Keep the messages vibrant.
  • Employ feedback methods.
  • Enlist your courage and imagination to develop your own self care.

Using these guidelines, I will try to offer instruction and ideas in these blogs.

And I would love to have your ideas on how you are staying focused on your health while all turmoil swirls around us. Put something in the comments here. We all need to learn from each other, and I’ll be publishing your good ideas.

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